Financial Information

Annual Accounting Statements 2017/18

These are currently being prepared and will be submitted to our external Auditor, PKF Littlejohn, by 25 June 2018.  The unaudited accounts will be available to view by members of the public, once they are complete.  The date from which viewing can take place will be published on our website and on our external noticeboard outside the Guildhall, West Street. 


Annual Accounting Statements 2016/17

Please click on the link to view our Conclusion of Audit Notice.  See below for their certificate and report.  The originals and supporting information is available to view in the Town Council Enquiry Office at the Guildhall, West Street. Copies of these documents are also available to purchase for a fee.


Grants Application Process

Axminster Town Council is proud to support the local community through the awarding of grants to organisations that enrich the lives of residents and who make Axminster a vibrant place to live, work and play.

If your organisation fits the bill, then you too can apply for a Council Grant, and if your project is sustainable, all the better, as there’s a separate fund you can apply for.

For more information and to obtain an application form please click on the following link: Grants Application Policy. 


Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs Zishan Adamson-Drage


Financial Regulations April 2017

Please use the following link to access the current  Financial Regulations.

 Click to view our current Standing Orders