Transparency Code Compliance Page

Transparency Code Information FY2023-24

Axminster Town Council is obliged by legislation to adopt, and comply with, the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.

Members have resolved to publish all information on this website so that residents can be assured that the Council
operates in an open and transparent manner. This is in addition to the rights afforded to electors as part of the annual
Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) process. See our Finance pages for further details.

The legislation relating to the Transparency Code can be found by clicking this link

Expenditure over £500 [Published quarterly]

All local authorities with gross income/expenditure over £200,000 per annum are required
to provide full details of all their expenditure over £500. This is a statutory requirement.

Axminster Town Council goes further and follows the recommendations to publish details
of all expenditure over £250 on a monthly "rolling" basis. That information can be found below.

Details of the Town Council's bank reconciliations, earmarked reserves and income/expenditure
can be found on the General Financial Information tab.

Government Procurement Card transactions [Published quarterly]

Local authorities MUST publish details of every transaction using a Government Procurement Card (GPC)

As at the time of publication, the Town Council does not hold a GPC and thus no information is published here.

Procurement Information (Contracts and Tenders) [Published quarterly]

Local authorities MUST publish details of every invitation to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services with a value of
over £5000 (five thousand) or more.

At the time of publication, no active/live tenders existed for such contracts.

Furthermore, local authorities MUST also publish details of any contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement,
or any other legally enforceable agreement with a value of £5000 (excl. VAT) at the time of purchase/contract or over the agreed term of
such contract.

The information must be in a prescribed format (see paragraph 31).

Axminster Town Council publishes the information required in the table found HERE.

Council Land Holdings [Published annually]

Local authorities MUST publish details of all land and building assets.

This information is shown in the report found HERE 

Social Housing Assets [Published annually]

Local authorities MUST publish details of the value of all social housing stock that is held in their Housing Revenue Account.

Axminster Town Council owns NO social housing stock or assets and does not maintain a Housing Revenue Account.


Grants to voluntary, social and community organisations [Published annually]

Local authorities MUST publish details of ALL grants to voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSE).

The Town Council approved a budget of £10,000 for the financial year 2023-24 towards such grants and the
allocations, and grant awards, this year can be found in the table accessed HERE.

If you wish to apply for a grant from the Town Council, please visit our Financial Information page (found under Your Council tab)
on the public access website.

Council income from parking facilities [Published annually]

Parking Spaces provided by the Town Council [Published annually]

Town Council Constitution [Published annually]

Town Council Pay Policy Statement [Published annually]

LA Counter-Fraud information [Published annually]

Town Council waste and recycling contracts [Published annually]

Expenditure over £250 [Published monthly]

A recommendation of the Transparency Code legislation is that local authorities publish (monthly) details of their expenditure over £250.

The report HERE is updated monthly and provides such information (individual staff salary payments are redacted for confidentiality)

Town Council - Method of Publication Statement

Town Council Organisational Chart [Published annually]

Local authorities MUST publish an organisational chart for the top 3 tiers of the organisation including the information contained in the 
table which can be accessed HERE (as such information relates to Axminster Town Council).

Trade Union Facility Time [Published annually]

Local authorities MUST publish the following information on trade union facility time:

Total Number (absolute and FTE) of staff who are union representatives.  NONE at Axminster Town Council

Total number (absolute and FTE) of union representatives who devote at least 50% of their paid time to union duties. NONE.

Names of all trade unions represented in the local authority: No formal representation but employees belong to UNISON

Basic estimate of spending on unions (Number of Union representatives x FTE x Average Salary). NONE - £0

Basic estimate of spending on unions as above as a percentage of total pay bill. None - £0