Next meeting of the Operations Committee 10th June 2024

Operations Committee Meetings 2022 to 2024


Agenda 4th January 2022
Approved Minutes 4th January 2022

Agenda 1st February 2022
Approved Minutes 1st February 2022

Agenda 1st March 2022
Approved Minutes 1st March 2022

Agenda 12th April 2022
Approved Minutes 12th April 2022

Agenda 3rd May 2022
Approved Minutes 3rd May 2022

Agenda 7th June 2022
Approved Minutes 7th June 2022

Agenda 5th July 2022
Approved Minutes 5th July 2022


Agenda 13th September 2022 MEETING ADJOURNED
(as a result of the National period of Mourning)
Approved Minutes (for adjournment) 13th September 2022

Agenda 27th September 2022
Approved Minutes 27th September 2022

Agenda 15th November 2022
Approved Minutes 15th November 2022


Agenda 6th March 2023
Approved Minutes 6th March 2023

Agenda 5th June 2023
Approved Minutes 5th June 2023

Agenda 3rd July 2023 - Meeting deferred until September.

Agenda 4th September 2023
Approved Minutes 4th September 2023

Agenda 6th November 2023
Approved Minutes 6th November 2023


Agenda 15th January 2024
Approved Minutes 15th January 2024

Agenda 8th April 2024
Draft Minutes - 8th April 2024

Agenda 10th June 2024 - to follow
Minutes - to follow, once meeting held.

Committee Membership

Membership of this committee (8) comprises:

Cllr. Jeremy Walden - Chair elected on 5.6.2023
Cllr. Alfie Brooker - Vice-Chair elected on 5.6.2023
Cllr. Kara Burrough
Cllr. Jill Farrow
Cllr. Terry Langdon
Cllr. Elizabeth Paice
Cllr. David Willey

The Operations Committee is also the governing body for the Health and Safety Working Party
(HSWP) whose membership comprises:

Chair of HSWP - Cllr. Walden.
Vice-Chair of HSWP - Vacancy
Councillor member - TBA (Town Mayor is ex-officio)
Office Staff representative (not the Proper Officer) - Administrative Assistant
Outdoor Staff representative - GMO employee
The Council's Proper Officer/Clerk
Guildhall Manager - Leigh Conley

Terms of Reference for the HSWP. are found here