Axminster Town Council Cemetery is owned and managed by Axminster Town Council. Requests to reserve a plot or arrange a burial or interment of ashes may be made through the Town Clerk/Deputy Town Clerk but are usually done through an undertaker. Those who want a less formal way in which to mark the passing of a loved one may prefer to have the ashes interred in the Crescent Bed which is designated specially for this purpose.

Any new memorials or additional inscription on an existing memorial must have the prior approval of the Town Council and must be installed by an appropriate contractor. Such requests are usually made through a memorial mason.

The Cemetery fees document can be downloaded here along with the Cemetery Regulations (Updated 2024) .

To view the Burials records from 1855 to 1907, click here.  For records from 1922 to date, click here.  For those who wish to have assistance in their search or to see the actual cemetery records at the Guildhall, please note this is subject to staff availability and a fee of £15 per half hour search.