Your Council

Axminster Town Council is your local council. Local councils are the first tier of local government and deliver the most local services. Principal authorities are the tier above local councils. They are often bigger in size and represent a larger area, such as a county or district, rather than neighbourhoods and communities.

Principal authorities like East Devon District Council and Devon County Council mainly deliver other services, but sometimes our services can overlap with theirs.  We understand that this can be confusing to someone who just wants an issue resolved!

If you need advice about which tier of local council you need, we can help. Please take a look at our Guide to Local Council Services to see which Council your enquiry relates to, and how to contact them. 


Our Vision

Introduction to our Axminster Council Customer Engagement Programme for the Town (ACCEPT)


Excellence in customer engagement has to be a priority for a council to show its commitment to its constituents. To support this objective Axminster Town Council has developed its “ACCEPT” programme, which will be the foundation to ensure success.


The aim of the programme is to develop a range of key steps and activities that will bridge any gaps that either exist or are perceived to exist between the Town Council and the public of Axminster.

Areas such as the Town Council website, information boards, newsletters and roles and responsibilities should be routinely reviewed with updates communicated to all our constituents.

In addition to the outgoing communication from the Council, they wish to expand the help and support received from the local community. There is a strong cohort of volunteers who support the Council in many ways and some who are involved in the Council’s working groups. It is important to involve more people so that the decisions of the Council are fully representative of the community's views and desires. 

The initial drives for improvement will be:

  • Regular surgeries where you can talk to a councillor. 
  • Overhauling the Town Council website to make it more informative and user-friendly. 
  • Improved use of noticeboards. 
  • More invitations to residents to be involved in working groups and committees. 
  • Bi-annual newsletter updating key Town Council activities. 
  • Coordination of the Town’s Jubilee celebrations for June 2022. 
  • Support for the “Dementia Friendly Axminster” drive alongside the local NHS. 
  • Extended opening hours where residents may see a council officer. 


All the above fit well within Axminster Town Council’s purpose:


“To create a town where the present and future generations feel at home.”


Its key objectives:

  • Robust development and growth plans 
  • Excellent customer engagement and communications 
  • Strong environmental considerations · Healthy links with retail and local businesses 
  • Development of arts and culture 
  • Future generation project focus 
  • Effective use of resources 
  • Listening to the community 


and its core principles:

Responsible and Ethical

We will act responsibly ethically in everything we do to achieve the goals set by the Town Council for the betterment of the community.


Mutual and Equal

Every action taken will be considerate of others involved and ensure that communication is robust to ensure a mutual benefit for all. All activities, actions, projects and work of any kind will hold equal status for everyone involved regardless of faith, colour, gender or creed.


Quality Focused

We will continually drive to deliver services of the highest quality for the residents, visitors and businesses of Axminster.



Axminster Town Council will endeavour to work collaboratively with all parties regarding the services, projects, activities and improvements across the whole of the Axminster parish.



We will remain independent to take local decisions and ensure sufficient funds to maintain the independence to deliver the services required of our constituents



We will respect the views of others, be they internal within the council or through our constituents, third parties, visitors and other government establishments.



We will remain committed to support our community and the outlying parishes that use Axminster as their town to deliver against our core Purpose and objectives


Community Focused

We will remain community focused at all times.


Environmentally Focused

Everything we do will be considerate of our climate, and we will utilise sustainable resources wherever possible to protect that which is precious to us all.



All that we do will be within the legal framework set out for local government authorities.