Emergency defibrillators located in Axminster

Updated: March 2024

The Town Council is committed to providing improved defibrillator access across Axminster.

Currently, you can find a public access defibrillator at the following locations (to the best of our knowledge).

* indicates that this defibrillator is owned and managed by the Town Council
** indicates a defibrillator in private ownership which may not be available 24/7.

Most defibrillator cabinets are locked to prevent theft, and access is via a code available via 999 Emergency Operator.

We have provided a WHAT-THREE-WORDS (W3W) location for each unit. Enter the reference here https://what3words.com/ or via the what3words mobile app to find the defibrillator's location.

* Waffle House, Trinity Square (by main staircase) ONLY AVAILABLE DURING OPENING HOURS - W3W: dugouts.blurs.blend
* Total Renewables - Millwey Rise Industrial Estate (on outer wall of warehouse) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: rags.paler.imprints
* Raymonds Hill Post Office (attached to front wall of the PO) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: polished.exclusive.next
* Millwey Rise Shop (on the outer wall of shop) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: shops.sound.coverings
* The Guildhall (inside lobby) ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN GUILDHALL OPEN - W3W: corrosive.stardom.jetting
* The Guildhall (main wall by front door) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: corrosive.stardom.jetting
* Cloakham Lawns Sports Centre (main wall by front car park) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: lure.jetting.hazy
* Bennett and Rogers Opticians, Trinity Square AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: clay.manuals.lousy
* Axminster Fire Station, Lyme Close, Axminster AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: things.structure.locating
* Mole Avon Stores, Station Yard, Axminster AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: bench.preheated.fraction
* Jubilee Field,
off Swain Close, Swain Close, Axminster AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: fixture.hems.exits
* Abbey Close, 16 Abbey Close, Axminster AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: bank.converter.frizz

** Tesco Store (inside main entrance) ONLY AVAILABLE DURING SHOP HOURS - W3W: hormones.positives.inferior
** Tesco Garage (inside garage shop) ONLY AVAILABLE DURING GARAGE HOURS - W3W: paler.outcasts.tractor
** Millers Farm Shop (on outer wall of shop) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: armful.persuing.crabmeat
** The Lamb Inn (on wall by skittle alley) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: ears.meatballs.advances
** Poplar Mount flats (on wall by entrance door) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: popping.slice.grips
** LED Leisure Centre (reception) ONLY AVAILABLE DURING CENTRE HOURS - W3W: glad.badminton.voucher
** ScrewFix (ask a member of staff at the counter) ONLY AVAILABLE DURING SHOP HOURS - W3W: airbase.gobblers.risking

** Train Station (on wall by ticket machine) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: finest.showcases.noon
** Axminster Care Service shop (formerly TOGS) (on wall by South Street shop) AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: cucumber.dissolves.digress


Coming Soon:

Other locations being considered - watch this space!



Defibrillators in our neighbouring parishes  


** Kilmington Village Hall - AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: unlimited.unsettled.perch
** All Saints Village Hall - AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: contracting.drain.departure
** Hawkchurch Village Hall - AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: sweat.caressed.sulky
** Membury Village Hall - AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: prosper.accordian.goodbyes
** Chardstock Community Hall - AVAILABLE 24/7 - W3W: rebounded.missions.noticing
** Combpyne Peek Hall - ONLY AVAILABLE DURING HALL OPENING HOURS - W3W: coast.repayment.seasons