Jubilee Field

Published: 12 February 2022

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Guildhall to see the results of the survey regarding dig running in Jubilee Field. The attached presentation was given on the night showing the results from the 244 responses received. In essence Option 1 was the preferred result giving an enlarged dog free area with the remainder of the field being free running.

It was pointed out that the field is still under the ownership if EDDC but we are doing everything we can the expedite the transfer to Axminster Town Council so that we can
get on with the creation of a great outdoor space for all.

There were many comments from the floor with the key points summarised below, that ATC will fully consider during the improvement programme.

  • Keep abreast of the drainage issues and muddy Boxfield Road entrance.
  • Gated entrances for child and dog safety
  • Keeping the grass regularly cut in the main area but allow other to grow to promote wilding.
  • Expand the playground equipment

Rest assured that Axminster Town Council are committed to providing excellent community facilities.

Presentation 8th February 2022