Update on Power Outage

Published: 29 September 2021

During some maintenance required regarding a health and safety issue with a gate, a power cable was severed. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

A full investigation is required to ensure that incidents such as this do not happen in the future.

Axminster Town Council are in discussion with the power distribution and supply companies and together we will ensure that all the learning from this incident is incorporated into future works.

This was accidental damage and Western Power were able to restore electricity supply to affected households within six hours of the incident, which is well within their stated standards of service. Please see below for WPD's standards of service. We thank them for their prompt response.
Western Power Distribution Standards of Service, Regulation 5 - Supply Restoration during Normal Weather.

"If your electricity supply fails during normal weather conditions because of a problem on our distribution system we will restore it within 12 hours of first becoming aware of the problem. If we fail, we will arrange for you to receive £150 if you are a domestic customer............."

Axminster Town Council trusts that this clears up any concerns regarding this issue.