Guide to Axminster's Public Services

Published: 13 July 2021

We get lots of calls and visits from members of the public each year which we have to redirect because the issue is not something the Town Council deals with....we realise this is frustrating, time consuming and confusing for those who do make the effort to report problems to us.  

Help is at hand!  We have produced a handy Guide to Axminster's Public Services which you can download.  This will also be displayed on the Town Council's noticeboards throughout the parish.  However, if there is someone you know who would like a paper copy, these are available upon request by calling us on 01297 32088. 

Having read the Guide, should you wish to report something to either East Devon DC or Devon CC, you can access both their online reporting systems for many issues by visiting our Report it Online page.  Just follow the instructions once you've clicked on the relevant issue.  You can also report issues to us through our Contact Us page or by telephone on the main number at the top of the site page.