Emerging Local Plan

Published: 25 January 2021

The District Council are producing a new local plan for East Devon. To commence the process they have produced an Issues and Options consultation report. This report highlights some of the major planning issues and challenges for East Devon over the years ahead and some of the potential responses. They would welcome your views.

The reasons for the decision to prepare a new Local Plan (to replace the adopted Local Plan 2013-2031) are:

- the current Local Plan was adopted in 2016 and is now more than 5 years old (the trigger point for a formal review). It was also prepared under the previous version of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), prior to its update in 2019. The findings of our review have indicated that there are a number of areas where the Plan is becoming out-dated.
- The withdrawal of East Devon from the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) and the discontinuation of the development of this proposed overarching statutory plan has highlighted the need to review/revisit the overall development strategy for the district.

On the current timetable, a new Local Plan could be expected to be adopted in early 2024. As the development of the Plan advances, the more weight it will carry, and the most recently adopted statutory plan document will ultimately take precedence in the consideration of planning applications in the district. Neighbourhood Plans will need to take account of the emerging new Local Plan in their development (where not yet made or started) and a review of a made Neighbourhood Plan may be triggered.

The District Council are keen to ensure through this process that the value of neighbourhood plans in the district, and the hard work involved in them, is recognised, supported, and where possible, enhanced. In the Local Plan ‘Issues & Options’ consultation, the District Council are specifically seeking views on how we should be making best use of existing (made and emerging) Neighbourhood Plans to inform the new Local Plan. You are encouraged to participate in the consultation, which is open until 15th March 2021.

You can take part by clicking on the consultation page on the East Devon District Council website.