X53 Service changes

Published: 19 November 2020

Please be advised that the timetable for the X51 and X53 Jurassic Coaster services is being revised on and from this Sunday 22 November, and will continue until further notice. Below is the link to the timetable, which can also be found via the First Wessex (FW) website:-


The main changes to note are:-

  • The first weekday bus from Bridport to Axminster has been retimed earlier, to allow a better connection into the 07.37 train from Axminster to Exeter
  • Most eastbound services will run earlier
  • On Saturdays, the X51 to/ from Dorchester becomes a ‘shuttle’ between Bridport and Dorchester. We asked FW to guarantee connections to/ from X51 into/ out of X53, but we have been advised

Connections can only be guaranteed if it is the same vehicle, however we will instruct the connecting service to wait for up to 5 minutes.”

  • A Sunday service is maintained on the X53 route only; the X51 Dorchester service is withdrawn, although it is possible to travel to Dorchester via Weymouth [there is a frequent number 10 service between Weymouth and Dorchester] and – for those who are paying for their ticket – the fare to Dorchester is the same as the fare to Weymouth; passengers should always ask for a ticket to their ultimate destination, where a change of bus is involved.