Return to Work of Our Outdoor Staff.

Published: 14 May 2020

Our outdoor staff, who remained at home during the lock down, except when required to work to cover essential key-service duties, are now back at work.  Like other employers, we have to ensure that the ways in which they undertake their duties do not put them or the public at increased risk during the COVID 19 crisis.  One of the changes will affect the way in which vegetation clearance work on our footpaths is carried out.  Where the narrowness of a path makes it impossible for staff and public to pass at the recommended social distance, the path will be closed to the public while the vegetation is cleared, which will only be for a matter of hours in most instances. Our lengthsman will put notices at each end of any sections of path on which he is working so that you will know not to enter these areas. Please accept our apologies for any short-term inconvenience this may cause you. We ask for your understanding and hope that you will welcome the longer-term improvements that will result.