Closure of bench seating on Minster Green

Published: 24 April 2020

Following problems with members of the public congregating in the centre of town, Devon & Cornwall Constabulary requested the closure of the benches in the town centre. As members of the public will be aware, strict social distancing is currently in force in order to minimise the spread of Coronavirus. The police have got enforcement powers in this regard to ensure that individuals are complying with government advice.

Consequently, in line with the police’s request, the benches were closed for protection of the wider public. However, following complaints on behalf of infirm members of the public who may need brief respite during their permitted daily exercise, two benches have been re-opened. One bench near the Medical Centre on Church Street and the bench under the tree are now open. Please only use these benches for brief respite and not to congregate, otherwise the police may be forced to close them again. Similarly, in the event that you are taking daily exercise and begin to feel seriously unwell, please use the bench nearest to you rather than attempting to reach a bench which is open. The situation will be kept under review and in conjunction with the police until further notice.