Council Services

Each tier of local government is sovereign and operates separately from one another. Each delivers different services to our residents, visitors and business owners, although they do collaborate on specific projects. Sometimes, it can be tricky to work out which Council you need to reach when an issue arises, so below is a brief summary of what each of the Councils is responsible for. 


Axminster Town Council 

The Town Council (ATC) is the most local tier of local government and comprises 15 elected or co-opted Councillors led by the Town Mayor. To find out more about the Town Council, your Councillors or to find our opening hours and contact information, please visit the pages listed under the "Your Council" tab in the website menu. 

Open Green Space

• Three allotment sites

• One Community Orchard

• Chard Road Cemetery

• Jubilee Field

• Douglas Hull Memorial Garden

• Over 37km of registered footpaths

• Town centre floral displays

• Axminster Climate Action Group

Community Support

• Small community support grants

• The Neighbourhood Plan

• Town Centre CCTV

Street Furniture

• Most benches

• Some bus shelters

• Most publicly accessible defibrillators (AEDs) and bleed control kits.

Buildings and Structures

• The Old Court House

• The Guildhall

• The Cemetery chapels

• The War Memorial

• Jubilee Fountain   


Devon County Council

The County Council (DCC) is one of two primary authorities for our area but is considered the 'upper tier authority'. DCC comprises 60 elected Councillors, one of whom represents Axminster. You can find your County Councillors information here. The majority of your Council Tax bill is received by DCC to deliver the following services:   

Highways & Environmental Management

• Highway Authority matters, such as: road/pavement maintenance, drains, potholes, verges, gritting, traffic & streetlights, licensing for roadworks, skips, scaffolding etc.

• Traffic Management

• Public Rights of Way, including footpaths cycle routes and bridleways

• On-street parking

• Parking enforcement

• Public transport, blue badges, bus passes

• Flyposting & unauthorised advertising on lampposts or verges.

• Fallen trees

• Flooding and drainage

• Recycling centres

Schools & Social Services

• Health & Social Care: Social Services, Care homes, Care Direct; Family, Children & Carers Support; Independent Living etc.

• Adoption & Fostering

• Schools and education

• Youth services

Administrative Services

• Registration services: Births, Deaths, Marriages.

• Libraries & archives

• Trading Standards ­­ 

To find out more about the services Devon County Council offers, visit:

Address: Devon County Council, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 4QD

Phone: 0345 155 1015      Email:



East Devon District Council

The District Council (EDDC) sits between the Town and County Council and is considered one of the primary authorities. EDDC comprises of sixty elected Councillors, three of whom represent Axminster. You can find the Contact information for your the Axminster ward Councillors here. EDDC to deliver the following services:


Housing, Financial Services & Licensing

• Council Tax & Business Rates billing

• Benefits & Homeless Support

• Council housing & repairs

• Licensing: events, taxis, charity collections, pubs.


Democratic Services

• Elections & electoral registration services


Economy, Assets & Amenity

• EDDC car parks

• Public toilets

• Most parks & recreation

• Sports, arts and culture

• Economic development


Building Development & Public Safety

• Planning applications

• Building Control

• Community safety

• Environmental maintenance & dangerous structures

• Tree Protection Orders

• Food hygiene & safety


Waste Management

• Fly tipping on public land

• Litter, graffiti & dog fouling

• Street cleaning & street bins

• Kerbside rubbish collections

• Green waste collections

• Pest control


To find out more about the services East Devon District Council offers, visit:

Address: East Devon District Council, Blackdown House, Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton EX14 1EJ

Phone: 01404 515 616         

! EDDC also have a mobile app where you can check your next bin collection and report missed collections, receive local updates, check food hygiene ratings and much more.


Please note, these lists are not exhaustive, and some services have overlapping responsibilities. If you are unsure about which authority you need to speak to, please contact Axminster Town Council, and we will point you in the right direction.