Citizen of the Year Award

Published: 17 January 2019

In memory of Robin Cross, an award was established in 2018 for citizens, like Robin himself, who went above and beyond to assist or enhance the community of Axminster. The nominees are chosen and nominated by residents of Axminster themselves, so is a real token of appreciation of the hard work they undertake to benefit the place in which we live.

At the Town Council meeting on 14 January, Geoff Enticott (the first incumbent of the award) handed on the Robin Cross Citizen of the Year award to Bryan Ball for 2019. Bryan was nominated as a result of all the time he gives to planting, watering and caring for the floral displays in the town centre and enhancing it for everyone who visits Axminster. Congratulations to Bryan on an award which is well-deserved!

Bryan also received a cheque for £100 (donated by Archant Newspapers) for his chosen charity, which this year was ARC.